Unit Valentines Awards Banquet and Game

Fifty (50) members and guests made their way to the beautiful grounds of Alto, New Mexico’s Rainmakers Golf Club on Sunday, February 11, 2018 for our Annual Valentines Award Banquet and Game.  Scores are posted under the GAME RESULTS Folder on this Site.  Congrats to the Winners. 

Gary Sawyer and Kaye Kernodle won the A-Stratification with a 64.18%.

Judy & Jim Zagar won the B-Stratification with a 53.33%.

Allen & Jeanie Pagel won the C-Stratification with a 54.40%. 

The Winners were awarded “I Love Bridge” Coffee Mugs from Baron Barclay. 

Judy Walsh and her partner Linda McKinley won the Best Low Score Award with a score of 41.44%. 

John & Geraldine Douglass finished a close second in Best Low Score at 41.93%.

Pictured below are a some of the Ace of Clubs Category Award Winners that could stand still long enough to have their pictures taken………

From L-R (1) Crissy Durrett (2) Mary Ann Miller, (3) Mady Schreiner (4) Maxine Kasehagen (5) Jeanie Pagel (6) Gary Sawyer (7) Keith Estep and the guy on the end is Charles Dodson (not a winner) who wanted in the picture.

Jenine Hemphill and her husband – who knows this handsome guy?

Keith & Louise Estep

Joan Anthony

Gene Templeton & Dan Anthony

Dan Anthony and Gene Templeton

Don and Ruby Dulin

Allen and Jeanie Pagel

John and Gerry Douglass

Maxine Kasehagen

 Janis Yannacone, Glenna Lowe and Kaye Kernodle


Gary Sawyer’s Classes on SAYC System

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) Class

Gary Sawyer is presenting (1) hour classes focused on ACBL’s Standard American Yellow Card System (SAYC).  The first class was held on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 11:30 am. Future Classes are noted below.  

You are invited to Stay n’ Play in the ‘499er game at 1:00 PM the same day.

Monday, 02/19/2018
Monday, 03/05/2018
Monday, 03/12/2018
Monday, 03/19/29018

Be Sure and Bring a

Brown Bag Lunch. 

Drinks will be available



ACBL SAYC Convention & Score Card

District 17 in the News


John Grossmann, Western Conference Board Member (blackstone.co@comcast.net)  reports in the February 2018 edition of the Contract Bridge Forum,  that ACBL District 17’s decision to uncouple from the Western Conference (WC)  is proceeding as planned, despite the long historical association the District has enjoyed with the WC.  

The monthly tabloid style newspaper is expensive to design, print and mail to the membership.  By breaking from association with the WC, District 17 estimates they will “save” as much as $60,000 per year in administrative expenses.  The leadership of the District has made the decision to go “Full Digital” for communications, not only due to cost savings, but in order to add flexibility and a new look to communications with the members of ACBL District 17.  Going digital will allow the inclusion of video, sound, hot links, animation and many other advanced technological services.

The change to digital is expected to take effect in April of this year.  It is the District’s plan to publish bi-monthly with educational columns, tournament results, promotional articles on upcoming events and tourney information much like the current Forum provides.

District members will be informed by eMail when the the switch to digital is complete and a Go Live! date is determined. In the months that the District will not publish, Becky Rogers has suggested that a short email be sent to the membership listing information on upcoming events. 

The District will be using Nxtbook, the same digital vendor that ACBL uses for its online version of the Bulletin.  Their technology, known as PageRaft software, utilizes the concept of ” responsible design” which will allow the digital output to size itself to fit the view-able space of the device you are using to access the content.  So, if your are using a desktop with a large video screen all the way down to a hand-held mobile device, the content is expected to be readable.  It is expected that the reading and viewing experience will be consistent with that of popular web-based sites such as CNN, ESPN and the NY Times.  

The District 17 Board has made the decision to continue to provide three (3) STAC Games each year. These games have been and are expected to continue to be a major source of revenue for the District.  If the District and the WC are unable to reach a revenue sharing agreement with the existing STAC format, the District plans to move forward with its own STAC Game solution.  More information on this issue will be provided in the March 2018 issue of the Forum.  

Concerns?  For sure.  Let’s start with email distribution.  ACBL’s Pianola system reaches about 2/3 of its members.  A top notch digital email base is essential to the delivery of a communications system of equal quality.  Though not a new technology by any means, email is new to ACBL and there have been growing pains.  Most of us are well aware that the daily deluge of unwanted and uninteresting emails plague all users. End users, the members, have become proficient at “Unsubscribing” to email. It’s your legal right to do so and email vendors are forced to take prompt action to remove you from their lists when properly requested, but the end result means your link to the ACBL is severed and you will very quickly be out of the information loop about issues you might otherwise care about.

The ACBL, District 17, Unit 388 and your Member Clubs hope you will login to your Member Account at www.ACBL.org  and update your personal contact information so the transition to digital communications will be seamless for YOU!


Unit 388 Board Meeting Minutes



Thursday, February 1, 2018


A meeting of the 2018-19 ACBL Unit 388 Board was held at the Ruidoso, NM Community Center at 12:00 PM. The meeting was presided over by Club Secretaries Glenna Lowe with Dan Anthony recording the Minutes of the meeting.   


Board Members Present:                                                              

  • Glenna Lowe                                                 
  • Dan Anthony                                                                                  
  • Kaye Kernodle  
  • Joel Hamilton                                                 
  • Cathy McCloskey
  • Gary Sawyer

Board Members Absent:

  • Larry Starr

Interested Unit Members Present as Guests:

  • Ann Dodson
  • Gene Templeton


  • Secretary’s Minutes of Last Meeting were postponed until the next meeting.
  • Treasurer’s Report will be emailed to all Unit Board Members as soon as the transfer of documents from Gary Sawyer is complete and information from previous years is analyzed and processed.
    • The Transfer of Documents from previous Board Officers – pending.
    • Transfer of Records and Information from Johnny Glover related to his role as Christmas in July Tournament Chairman.

Dan Anthony agreed to contact Johnny Glover about his records and procedures used to conduct previous Christmas in July Sectional Tournaments.









12:00 PM

Rainmakers Golf

Valentine Awards Banquet & Game

Unit Board


12:30 PM

Ruidoso Community Center

Pot Luck

Unit Board


12:30 PM

Ruidoso Community Center

Pot Luck

Unit Board


12:30 PM

Ruidoso Community Center

Pot Luck

Unit Board


12:30 PM

Ruidoso Community Center

Pot Luck

Unit Board


12:30 PM

Ruidoso Community Center

Pot Luck

Unit Board


12:30 PM

TBD Alamo Location

Alamogordo  Christmas Game

Alamo DBC


  1. Due to the resignation of Board Member Louise Estep, due to personal health issues, nominations were to fill her vacancy.
  2. Dan Anthony discussed the need, to the extent possible, to keep the eight (8) member board balanced with four (4) members from the Ruidoso Club and four (4) from the Alamogordo Clubs.
  3. A motion to appoint Ann Dodson from Ruidoso to the Unit Board in replacement of Louise Estep was made by Dan Anthony and seconded by Joel Hamilton. All present voted in the Affirmative on the motion.
  4. There was a discussion to reimburse Members of the Unit who traveled to Albuquerque to attend the Seminar offered by ACBL regarding 2017 Rule Changes. Gene Templeton, Gary Sawyer, Glenna Lowe and Evelyn Kennedy will be reimbursed either by the Ruidoso Club or the Unit.
  5. Revision of the existing By-Laws were discussed, opinions offered and there was no immediate consensus apparent and the issue was tabled for further discussion. Unit Board Members were encouraged to consider changes that benefit the operation of the Unit and address the issue of past members serving much longer than the existing By-Laws allow to ensure positions were staffed.
  6. Glenna Lowe is working on appointing a Nominating Committee consisting of two members from the Ruidoso Club and two members from the Alamogordo Clubs.
  7. Tournament Discussion was tabled for future consideration.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM due to the pending start of the Ruidoso Game. 

ACBL “In and Out Report” 02/01/2018


To:                          ACBL Unit 388 Member Clubs 

From:                    Dan Anthony, Unit Sec/Treasurer 

Date:                     02/01/2018 

Subject:               ACBL Quarterly “ In & Out Report” 


Periodically, ACBL issues a what they call an “In & Out Report to the Units detailing Changes in Status since the last report.

Membership & Master Points Restored in Unit 388

Patty Farris

Priscilla Thompson


Memberships Transferred into Unit 388 from other Units.

Barry Martin – #176 Dallas, TX

Connie Martin – #176 Dallas, TX

Jim Rhodes – #207 Austin, TX


Memberships Transferred out Unit 388

Katie Burns to Unit #356 Tucson, AZ

Gwen Coleman to Unit #174 Houston, TX

Patty P Wells to Unit #207 Austin, TX

Robert E. “Bob” Wood to Unit #374 Albuquerque, NM


Non-Life Masters Sent 1st Expiring Membership Notice(s)

Wesley “Wes” Hocker – Expires 03/31/2018

Maxine Kasehagen – Expires 03/31/2018


Life Masters Sent 2nd Renewal Bill

Mady Schreiner – Expires 02/28/2018


Non-Life Masters Sent 2nd Renewal Bill

Geraldine Douglass

John C Douglass

Jean A Headley


New Master Level Designations Reported



Patty Farris

Junior Master

Dan Anthony

Sectional Master

Juanita M Randall

Sectional Master

Susan Ross

Life Master


Kaye’s “Super” Korner

Super 2018 is starting off with not only one super moon, but a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse all in one.  Not since 1866 has this occurred and we’re here to see it.  Sadly, Dean Smith has missed both as she passed away over the recent Holidays.  Let’s hope that the Super Moons will bring Super healing to Louise Estep and Rosemary Johnson.

Unit 388 has a new Super Board

President Glenna Crews-Lowe
Vice-President Larry Starr
Secretary/Treasurer Dan Anthony 

Also serving on the Board

Gary Sawyer
Kaye Kernodle
Cathy McCloskey
Joel Hamilton

Former Board Member and long-time Unit Board President Louise Estep will serve as Unit Manager and will be responsible for Coordinating with ACBL regarding game and Tournament Sanctions.

Super News for the Alamogordo Desert Castaways Duplicate Bridge Club has a new permanent home at Grace United Methodist Church, 1206 Greenwood Lane, Alamogordo. 


February 16-19El Paso Tournament
February 20-26New Mexico STAC Games
April 13-15Las Cruces Tournament
July 13-15Christmas in July Tourney – Ruidoso


That’s All!  “Blue Moon, keep on shining bright!”

Unit 388 Christmas in July Sectional

The Board of Directors of Unit 388 (Alamogordo & Ruidoso, NM) are proud to announce this year’s installment of our Annual Christmas in July Sectional Tournament.  We return to last year’s venue at the Ruidoso High School Warrior’s Auxiliary Gym, located at 125 Warrior Drive, Ruidoso, NM 88345.  

This Year’s Tournament will be chaired by new Unit President Glenna Crews Lowe, you can contact her at  (713) 628-2846) if you have questions.  Long-time Tournament Chairman Johnny Glover of Alamogordo, NM has “retired” from his annual “Labor of Love” but has assured us he will assist in the transition so this event runs as smoothly as it always has.  

We especially want to reach out to the Unit 388 Membership to not only help with the delivery of this Signature Event for our Unit, but to ensure they play and participate to the full extent possible. Can we count on YOU?