Christmas in July Sectional – Ruidoso, NM

The Board of Directors of Unit 388 (Alamogordo & Ruidoso, NM) are proud to announce this year’s installment of our Annual Christmas in July Sectional Tournament.  We return to last year’s venue at the Ruidoso High School Warrior’s Auxiliary Gym, located at 125 Warrior Drive, Ruidoso, NM 88345.  

This Year’s Tournament will be chaired by new Unit President Glenna Crews Lowe, you can contact her at  (713) 628-2846) if you have questions.  Long-time Tournament Chairman Johnny Glover of Alamogordo, NM has “retired” from his annual “Labor of Love” but has assured us he will put to paper everyone our new Chair needs to know to ensure this event runs as smoothly as it always has.  

We especially want to reach out to the Unit 388 Membership to not only help with the delivery of this Signature Event for our Unit, but to ensure they play and participate to the full extent possible. Can we count on YOU?

Click here to view the Official Tournament Brochure


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2017 October Board Meeting Minutes


A periodic meeting of the Ruidoso Duplicate Bridge Club (RDBC) Board of Directors was held today at the Ruidoso Community Center following the Open Game.  The meeting began at 4:30 PM and was presided over by President Gene Templeton.  Ann Dodson recorded the Minutes of the meeting.



President                            Gene Templeton        

Vice-President                 Keith Estep        

Treasurer                            Jo Neeley                           

Member                              Ann Dodson

Member                              Jean Gilliland

Member                              Gaye Miller



No Minutes from prior meetings were presented for approval.



Christmas Party Schedule Plans

  • Plans for the Ruidoso Duplicate Bridge Club Christmas were discussed.
  • Date:    Saturday, December 9, 2017
  • Where: Ruidoso Community Center
  • Time:   After regular bridge game   5:00 PM


  1. Bryan at Oso Grill in Capitan is the preferred choice and will be contacted by Gene Templeton to determine cost and willingness to cater in Ruidoso.
  2. Nadette – has worked at Savories with Bonnie Snyder
  3. Monica – has catered a prior party at the Bridge Club.

Christmas Recognition Gifts for Community Center Staff

  1. Motion by Gaye Miller and seconded by Ann Dodson to award $100 to the Community Center Supervisor and his Assistant was approved without objection.
  2. Motion by Gaye Miller and Seconded by Ann Dodson to award $25 to the other two Communality Center staff members was approved without objection.

Additional Charitable Donations

  1. Motion by Gaye Miller and Seconded by Jo Neeley confirming previous Board Discussion involving a donation of $100 to the Santa’s Helper Campaign was approved without objection.



Gene Templeton confirmed there will be another Board Meeting in the near future to firm up plans for the Christmas Party.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM


Annual Membership Meeting


The Annual Meeting of the Ruidoso Duplicate Bridge Club (RDBC) was held today at the Ruidoso Community Center.  The meeting began at 2:30 PM and was presided over by Club President Kathy Choice with Club Secretary Dan Anthony recoding the Minutes of the Meeting.



Kathy Choice, President

Gene Templeton, Vice-President

Secretary, Dan Anthony

Treasurer, Jo Neeley

Members: Keith Estep, Jean Gilliland, Gaye Miller (absent due to illness)



Joan Anthony                    Louise Estep                       Kaye Kernodle                  Gary Sawyer                      Jeanie Pagel

Allen Pagel                          Jule Sterchi                         Evelyn Kennedy                               Jane Logan                          Neil Goodman

Mike Shattner                   Patricia Swindler               Barry Martin                       Connie Martin                   Kathy Ranne

Jenine Hemphill                                Martha Poss                       Priscilla Thompson           Robert Wood                     Ann Dodson

Charles Dodson                                Jane Hoover                       Jean Gilliland



Karl Beach                           Barbara Beach                   Carol Bayless                      Geraldine Douglass         John Douglass

Barbara Pyszkowski        Ted Pyszkowski                               



No Minutes from prior meetings were presented for approval.




  • 2017 Christmas Party was announced by Kathy Choice



Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 9, 2017

Time:                           12:45 PM

Location:                     Community Center Dining Room

Game:                         01:30 PM


  • Election of Board Members



Kathy Choice reported that this year’s Nominating Committee, consisting of Charles and Ann Dodson, had presented a recommendation that the current members of the Ruidoso Duplicate Bridge Club Board (RDBC) continue to serve for an additional year.

A motion  was made from the floor and accepted to reappoint existing RDBC Board Members to serve an additional one-year term.  All members present voted in the affirmative to elect the slate of nominated Board Members.

Note:   As provided by the RDBC By-Laws, Board Members will meet, either electronically or in person, at the discretion of the President and officers for the coming year will be determined. 


  • Update to RDBC By-Laws



Kathy Choice brought to the attention of the Membership two changes to the By-Laws that have been made by the Board in recent years that need to be formally approved by a vote of the Membership, subject to the presence of a Quorum. 

                        After a reading of the proposed changes to the current By-Laws, last adopted and approved

                        September 2010, a motion was made and seconded to approve the suggested updated and all

                        Members present voted in the affirmative to amend the By-Laws as suggested by the Board.


Changes are highlighted in RED on the attached copy of the Official By-Laws of the RDBC.


  • Charitable Donations



Kathy Choice reported to the Membership that the Board has voted, in its last meeting on Thursday, September 28. 2017 to approve the following charitable donations:

  • $250.00 to the ACBL for Match in favor of the American Red Cross for Hurricane Relief.
  • $100.00 to the Lincoln County Humane Society for the purchase of needed supplies.
  • An unspecified donation, suggested at $100 to Santa’s Helpers in December 2017.
  • Donation of a Washer & Dryer for the benefit of homeless High School Students.


  • Game Attendance Incentives



Kathy Choice opened for discussion suggestions made in the last Board Meeting that consideration be given to incentives and efforts to increase attendance, especially during the slow Winter Months.  Connie Martin suggested serving food was a proven incentive for the membership.



The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 PM